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Terms & Conditions

Last updated: December 07, 2021

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our services.


Transports can be scheduled online with an account, or over the phone. Once a transport has been officially scheduled with a debit/credit card linked to the account, then  any charges (including mileage, wait time, and cancellation may be charged to the linked card for specific transport.)

For round trip schedules, if the payment method on file with Allen and Greene Transportation declines for first transport, a vehicle will not be dispatched for return transport until payment is made for first transport.


The most current and updated prices will always be shown on the website. These prices are subject to change, with a 30-day notice via the website’s main page and/ or cost estimate page. Once changed after the 30-day notice, then all new prices are immediately implemented for transports. This includes all transports scheduled before pricing change.

When Allen and Greene Transportation provides a wheelchair for transport, then a $10.00 "Provide Wheelchair" fee is applied to transport. If the wheelchair provided by Allen and Greene Transportation is not needed during transport, the fee will still be charged. 

If the  address is changed by the client from initial drop-off address once in vehicle and driver is en route or has arrived at initial drop-off address, a $15.00 "En Route Address Change" fee is applied to transport.


Transport on Holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day) require a minimum fee of $100.00 per one way trip. Basic mileage charges of $20.00 Base Charge + $3.00 Mile do not apply.


If transport is outside standard operating hours listed on site, there will be a  $20.00 fee is applied to the total transport cost.


Any transport over $150.00 will be charged prior to the transport service time.

Wait Time

Once driver has waited 5 minutes at pickup location OR drop-off location a $1.00/minute charge is applied to transport until driver has left pick up location OR drop-off location.


If a driver has waited 15 minutes for a "Wheelchair Provided" by Allen and Greene Transportation and wheelchair is still not returned, then a $250.00 fee will be immediately charged for purchase of the wheelchair. Once charged, the driver will leave the wheelchair behind.


If transport is cancelled less than 3 hours in advance via phone call or website, a cancellation fee will be applied in the amount of $35.00. If transport is cancelled upon arrival of driver, show up cancellation fee will be applied in the amount of $50.00. 

If driver has waited 10 minutes at pick up location, a show up cancelation charge will immediately occur and driver will leave pick up location. 

At pickup location, if the driver feels the situation is unsafe or the client will cause issues during transport. The transport will be cancelled with a show up cancelation fee of $50.00. 

Van Cleaning

- If a passenger of Allen and Greene Transportation has an incident that involves professional cleaning of a van, such as body secretion of any form, or fluid(s) spilled inside the vehicle, a $100.00 clean up fee will be applied to transport. 


Allen and Greene Transportation drivers will completely load and unload clients, all outside assistance is prohibited such as family, friends, etc.


Allen and Greene Transportation is not liable for client(s) once safely fastened in a seat belt by the driver, who slips out of a wheelchair or stretcher due to the client themselves undoing, releasing, or getting up in the vehicle while the driver is en route.


Allen and Greene Transportation is not liable for any natural deaths that could occur inside the vehicle at time of transport.


If a client requires emergency assistance while inside a vehicle, the client is taken to the closest emergency room immediately and 911 will be called by Allen and Greene Transportation to notify hospital or arrival.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, you can contact us via email at

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